For information of entrance to Fana Stadium, collection of accreditation cards (if not collected at the Hotel), athletes tribune etc., please refer to the attached Stadium Map. 


As like the previous editions, the official meeting hotel is the Comfort Airport Hotel, just 4 minutes walking from the arrival hall. NB, therefore no pick up or transport needed as the athletes can walk to the hotel and will be met by our staff there. 

For athletes arriving on the 6th or early on the 7th, there will be transport to the track for the ones who would like to practice /train. 


In the Call Room the judges will check the following in accordance with IAAF Rules: Competition Bibs, Shoes and Spikes 

Personal belongings (video cameras, tape recorders, radios, CD players, radio transmitters, MP3 / MP4, cell phones or similar devices) will not be permitted in the infield as per IAAF Rule 144.2. Competition officials in Call Room will confiscate all not authorised items. Athletes will receive a receipt for any such items. Upon presentation of this receipt, the Athletes will be able to collect such items from the CALL ROOM once their event has finished. 

The attached shoe document shall be filled in and signed by the athletes, and presented to the Call Room Referee. 

All times are prior to the actual starting time of the event. 

Leave Call Room At Competition Site 

Track Events: 35 min 20 min 15 min 

Pole Vault: 70 min 55 min 50 min 

Other Field Events : 50 min 35 min 30 min


In all throwing events each Athlete is allowed to three practice trials under the supervision of the judges, more if time allows. In the remaining field events, the practice trials will be supervised by the relevant judges. The Athletes will be called to the practice trials in the competition order.


To allow communication between Athletes and Coaches, seats have been reserved in the first rows of the stands close to the Long Jump and Triple Jump area. There will be one pass per Athlete com-peting. The pass is only valid when accompanied by the yellow card Accreditation, this accreditation needs to be visible at all times. 

EQUIPMENT CONTOL Personal throwing equipment shall be delivered to the Equipment Control Room at !east 60 minutes before starting time of the relevant event. TRAINING Training at Fana Stadium on Monday and Tuesday 16-20. 

TRANSPORT HOTEL-FANA STADIUM Transport to training and to the competition to be ordered at the Trond Mohn Games desk at the hotel. 

PRICE MONEY, STARTING FEE, TRAVEL COSTS After the meet, send the invoice for the agreed travel, promo fee and prizemoney to Jasper Bui-tink. Please do not forget to deduct 15% from the prizemoney/promo fee. Invoice it to «Trond Mohn Games AS». Norwegian athletes will get their price money by sending their club bank account number to 


A short price ceremony will take place as soon as an event is completed, and only for the winner 


Hotel : Jonathan Byrjenes +47 908 65 722 

Staff organisation: Tom Geir Jensen +47 905 75 410 

Athlete Liaison local/national : Kjell Mange Ebbesvik +47 419 28 350 

Athlete Liaison: Jasper Buitink +47 951 00 411 

1. Buss ( bus} 

2. Inngang (entrance) 

3. Akkreditering (accreditation) 

4. Inngang tribune utøvere (entrance tribune athletes) 

5. Tribune utøvere (tribune athletes) 

6. Opprop/ innendørs oppvarming (cal! room / warm-up area) 

7. lege, fysioterapeut (medics., fysio) 

8. Garderobe (wardrobe) 

9. Mixed zone 

11. Kontroll kastutstyr (equipment control} 

12. Toalett (toilets) 

13. Sekretariat (secretariat} 

14. Teknisk informasjonssen ter (Technical information center) 

15. Vektrom (weight room) 

16. Diskos(discus} 

17. Spyd Uavelin) 

18. Stav (Pole vault) 

19. Lengde og tresteg (long jump and triple jump) 

20. Utendørs oppvarming {outdoor warm-up area) 

21. Parking guests 

22. Tribune dommere/funksjonærer Tribune judges/assistents 23. Inngang dommere/funksjonærer Entrance judges/assistents 

24. Høyde(Highjump) 

25. Kule(shotput) 

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